Viking Materials Uses Laserfiche to Save TIme

Viking Materials uses Laserfiche

Viking Materials, Inc. is a diversified metals processor and distributor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Franklin Park, Illinois.  Viking Materials, Inc. is a subsidiary of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (NYSE:RS), one of the largest metal service center companies in the United States.

Since 1973, Viking Materials, Inc. has been a supplier of flat-rolled carbon steel.  Today, Viking delivers more than just carbon steel.  They have expanded their capabilities to also process stainless and aluminum. They provide a wide variety of flat and coiled products – they specialize in coated, cold-rolled, hot-rolled pickled, stainless and aluminum products.


Viking’s challenge was to deliver sufficient information to its client so the client knew they have the right material.  Viking purchases their material in huge coils.  Each coil’s chemistry has been tested, certified, and has a certification form.  A coil can be cut and shipped to many different customers.  For each shipment, they must be able to provide these certification forms to the customer


Viking purchased a 10-user Laserfiche system with two Canon scanners in 2006 and began scanning certifications.  Now, prior to each shipment, the certification forms can be quickly found in Laserfiche


Tracy Boggs, Viking’s Director of IT, said that Laserfiche is such a great program, “it has saved so much time and paper.”  And the best part for her, as Viking’s only IT person, is that it works great.  “Once we had the certification process down, we started using Laserfiche in other areas.  Now we use it for inventory processing control forms, invoices, credit and debit memos and purchase orders.”  She said “Our paper is disappearing and our productivity is improving.”

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“There is virtually no chaos in our offices now. Nobody is looking for information, it’s all right there. My staff is able to instantly access files regardless of who last worked on them.”

Community Action Partnership Laserfiche client
Catherine Fair
Senior Director, Programs and Technology Innovation, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey Washington

We increased productivity in our Energy Assistance department by 129% in one year using Laserfiche Workflow

Laserfiche imporved productivity
Robin Tousley
EAP Administrative Coordinator, Community Action Partnership Hennepin County

One of the great benefits of Hemingway Solutions is their institutional knowledge of our agency, and Community Action Agency processes. They know the CAP programs’ language and we don’t need to spend a lot of time playing catch up on what’s going on if updates are needed.

Katie CAP RW advise on going paperless
Katie McLemore
Applications Analyst, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties

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