Rice Creek Watershed District Moves To Paper-Less RecordsReplaces filing cabinets with Laserfiche ECM

Laserfiche helps keep clean waterway

The Rice Creek Watershed District is one of 46 watershed districts in Minnesota.  Each district is a unit of government that works to solve and prevent water-related problems.  Rice Creek Watershed District encompasses approximately 201 square miles of Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington counties in Minnesota.  Portions of the district can be found in 28 municipalities.

Rice Creek’s responsibilities include:  water planning and management, wetlands protection and management, water quality surveys of lakes and streams, groundwater level monitoring, draining systems management, flood protection, and hydrological data recording and maintenance.


Twenty 4-drawer filing cabinets and forty-five bankers’ boxes took up a good portion of the office space and the files were growing at an alarming rate.  Their staff needed access to these documents on a regular basis, so a lot of the time was wasted retrieving and storing documents.  Since many of these documents were permanent records that could not be replaced, it was critical that there were copies in case of a disaster, such as a fire.


Ned Phillips, the person responsible for IT at Rice Creek Watershed, decided to purchase Laserfiche and Canon 3080 to solve their challenges.  He also decided that they would be able to scan documents from their digital copier, so they added Import Agent.


Now, if you visit the office of Rice Creek Water District, you will see a new environment.  Not all of the filing cabinets have disappeared yet, but the growing document problems have been solved and they are discovering new uses for the space reclaimed.  Also, the staff is more efficient.  When a city official or a member of a civil engineering firm needs access to one of their files, the staff can easily retrieve the file and email it directly to them without leaving their desk.  They also have the peace of mind that their documents are now secure, with a copy stored off-site.

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I cannot even begin to express how elated I am with this product!!!!!!

Even when there are data elements that need to be fixed, the process is so painless and intuitive and easy that it is absolutely a JOY to work in the system.

Ben (and Mark) have been so supportive and even suggesting fixes I would not have required. I get the feeling he is just as invested in getting us up and running as I am.

This has been the best software rollout experience I have ever had —- and I have launched a LOT of software programs (and written a few myself).

THANK YOU for all of your help and support!!!!!!!!

Dee Bradshaw
Director of Purchasing
Community Health Centers, Inc.

community health goes paperless using laserfiche and hemingway solutions
Dee Bradshaw
Director of Purchasing, Community Health Centers, Inc

I wanted to thank you for all of the work you have done for us! We could not have done it without you!
When the pressure was on, you really stepped up to help us, and I really appreciate it!

Tracy Boggs
IT, Viking Materials

Our client’s personal and sensitive information is handled with the utmost care to ensure the privacy and security of the data thanks to Laserfiche Forms.

CAP using forms portal and electronic signatures
Rand Clark
Community Services Supervisor, Douglas County

Your Laserfiche engineers are great. They are so nice and easy to work with.

community health goes paperless using laserfiche and hemingway solutions
Dee Bradshaw
Director of Purchasing, Community Health Centers

“There is virtually no chaos in our offices now. Nobody is looking for information, it’s all right there. My staff is able to instantly access files regardless of who last worked on them.”

Community Action Partnership Laserfiche client
Catherine Fair
Senior Director, Programs and Technology Innovation, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey Washington

“In an effort to be more efficient and effective, the Agency made
the decision to go paperless and EAP developed workflow
processes utilizing Laserfiche scanning software. This software
allows us to work on applications from any of our offices.” From 50 Year Anniversary Booklet

Mahube paperless for Energy Assistance
Liz Kuoppala
Executive Director, Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership

We increased productivity in our Energy Assistance department by 129% in one year using Laserfiche Workflow

Laserfiche imporved productivity
Robin Tousley
EAP Administrative Coordinator, Community Action Partnership Hennepin County

Laserfiche saves our staff so much time.

CAP using forms portal and electronic signatures
Rand Clark
Community Services Supervisor, Douglas County Community SAction

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