IC System Integrates Laserfiche To Streamline Collection Process

IC System implements Laserfiche
For one leading pharmaceutical laboratory, success and double-digit sales growth came with a cost: an overburdened supply chain that threatened to reduce market share.

*IC SYSTEM, INC., OF ST. PAUL, MN, ONE OF THE LARGEST privately owned accounts receivable management companies in the US, has chosen Laserfiche as the engine for an enterprisewide document management solution. The company is the most recent of several companies in that industry to do so.

“They’re starting in human resources and then will move immediately to integrate their mainframe-based collections application with Laserfiche,” reports Larry Phelps, a veteran Laserfiche VAR based in Minneapolis. “The integration will enable their agents to bring up background documentation such as signed invoices while they are on the phone. It’s going to be a very valuable tool.”

Phelps cites the availability of the MS SQL database and Laserfiche’s ease of deployment and maintenance as key factors in IC System’s decision. He adds,”I sent them Laserfiche success stories as a way to stay in touch through the sales process. I think the stories are very important when dealing with larger companies. They remind them that others are succeeding with Laserfiche. Pretty soon, they are thinking, “‘Laserfiche equals success.'”

Founded in 1938, IC System has a staff of more than 900 serving a customer base of more than 30,000.


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Our client’s personal and sensitive information is handled with the utmost care to ensure the privacy and security of the data thanks to Laserfiche Forms.

CAP using forms portal and electronic signatures
Rand Clark
Community Services Supervisor, Douglas County

“There is virtually no chaos in our offices now. Nobody is looking for information, it’s all right there. My staff is able to instantly access files regardless of who last worked on them.”

Community Action Partnership Laserfiche client
Catherine Fair
Senior Director, Programs and Technology Innovation, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey Washington

“In an effort to be more efficient and effective, the Agency made
the decision to go paperless and EAP developed workflow
processes utilizing Laserfiche scanning software. This software
allows us to work on applications from any of our offices.” From 50 Year Anniversary Booklet

Mahube paperless for Energy Assistance
Liz Kuoppala
Executive Director, Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership

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