What are legal requirements for Community Action who wants to go paperless

If you are a Community Action Agency who is looking to go paperless but is unsure of the legal requirements to keep paper copies of your client applications and other paperwork, I would suggest you contact your legal counsel and your contacts at your funding sources.

I found a great article on this subject written by CAPLAW.  You can find it here:  CAPLAW on going paperless

More on paperless records management for CAP

Author: Larry Phelps
My passion is helping organizations like yours become more efficient and effective using Laserfiche enterprise content management system, your paperless solution. I have been a Laserfiche consultant for over 30 years. I have worked with Community Action agencies and non-profits for nearly 20 years helping them go paperless and increase staff productivity. I have a strong background in IT, having owned two IT Consulting firms. And also have over 10 years of experience in Cloud Computing and hosting Laserfiche in the cloud.