Laserfiche Connector

Laserfiche Connector - Overview

Laserfiche Connector is a simple tool that provides easy, code-free ways to integrate your business applications with Laserfiche. Laserfiche Connector allows you to work in your line of business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and integrate with Laserfiche with just one click.

Laserfiche Connector will make IT happy because there is no custom code and third party integrations for them to worry about supporting. For end users, it means less they can get their work down will less clicking between windows and programs. For organizations, it means faster decision-making and better insight.

Hemingway Solutions – we help companies assess their business processes and help streamline and automate them.

Laserfiche Connector instantly integrates Laserfiche with another application

What does Laserfiche Connector do?

Laserfiche Connector allows you to:

  • Search the Laserfiche repository based on fields from primary applications such as CRM and ERP systems
  • Scan a page, automatically populate metadata and store it in Laserfiche—directly from your primary application
  • Connect two applications by allowing one of them to start the other (including the ability to pass parameters between them)
  • Choose whether the actions above are triggered from a keyboard shortcut, a button embedded in the application or both

See Laserfiche Connector in Action

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