Picking A Stable Paperless (ECM) Software Vendor Is Important

Many organizations are struggling because their paperless (ECM) software vendor is having problems or was acquired.  For example, Alchemy was once an industry leader but for various reasons, it was struggling and was acquired by Open Text.   Users were forced to convert to another Open Text product.  This was a very expensive proposition for the Alchemy users.

But, this is not an isolated incident.   Documentum was acquired for the 2nd time by Open Text. Westbrook and Fortis were acquired by Docuware.  Highland (Onbase) has acquired ten ECM companies in the past eight years.  Lexmark acquires Perceptive Software, Kofax, and eight other products.  Open Text has acquired over 40 products including EDocs.

If you were a user of any of these acquired products you were probably told that the product you were using was no longer supported and that you would have to upgrade another product.  This would require a conversion of your existing data and documents.  Plus your users would have to learn the new product.

All is not rosy for the user base of the acquiring company.  Often, acquiring companies take portions of the software they acquired and try to fit it into their flagship product.  This sometimes works but often, it results in a non-cohesive product that is often very buggy.

Laserfiche has been in business for over 30 years and has not been acquired and has not made any acquisitions.  It has a growing base of customers and a strong stable leadership team.  This makes Laserfiche a great ECM vendor for you now and in the future.  So, you don’t need to use the rock-paper-scissors method for picking a paperless solution.


Partial List of Mergers and Acquisitions in the paperless (ECM) industry

Allen Systems Group

June 2007 acquired Mobius


Oct 2003 acquired Documentum


January 2017 acquired docSTAR


Sept 2015 acquired Intialio


September 2013 acquired Westbrook Technologies, developer of Fortis and FortisBlue software, Fortis end of life is scheduled for December 31, 2018.

Hyland Software / OnBase: (purchased by Thoma Bravo a Private Equity Firm)

July 2017 acquired Perceptive – ImageNow from Lexmark (Perceptive’s 2nd acquisition)

May 9, 2016 acquired AcroSoft

Oct. 13, 2015, acquired LawLogix,

Feb. 28, 2013 acquired AnyDoc Software

Dec. 17, 2012 acquired ECP

August 29, 2012 acquired SIRE Technologies

September 24, 2010 acquired Computer Systems Company, Inc. (dba The CSC Group )

September 1, 2010 acquired Hershey Systems USA, and its product, Singularity

July 2009 acquired Valco Data Systems and it product, MEDITECH

March 1, 2009 acquired WebHealth

July 1, 2008 acquired Liberty Information Management Systems and its product, LibertyNet



October 2011 acquired Autonomy which is disaster, results in lawsuit and indictment



2006 acquisition of FileNet


April 2014 acquired docTrackr


Feb 2017 acquired Perceptive Software

May 2015 acquired Kofax

Aug 2013 acquired Saperion


August 2017 acquired Apprento

February 2017 acquired StreamDesign


July 016 Acquired 3D Content Management Software Company, InEvo


Feb 2018 acquired Hightail

Sept 2017 acquired Guidance Software

July 2017 acquired Covisint

Jan 2017 acquired Documentum from Dell (this is the second time Documentum has been acquired)

Aug 2016 acquired Customer Communications Management from HP

June 2016 acquired Recommind, Inc.

May 2016 acquired ANX.

Nov 2015 acquired Daegis Inc.

Jan 2015 acquired Actuate Corporation

Jan 2014 acquire GXS

May 2012 acquired EasyLink

Sept 2011 acquired Operitel

July 2011 acquired Global 360

Feb 2011 acquired Metastorm

Oct 2010 acquired StreamServe

Apr 2010 acquired Burntsand Inc.

Feb 2010 acquired Nstein Technologies

July 2009 Vignette Acquisition

May 2008 acquired Vignette

Oct 2008 acquired Captaris and its product Alchemy (its second time)

July 2008 acquired Media Management Division of Corbis

July 2008 acquired Division of Spicer Corporation

Oct 2006 acquired Hummingbird

Dec 2004 Enters Into Domination Agreement With IXOS

Aug 2004 Vista Plus Product Suite from Quest Software

Oct 2003 Acquired 75% Interest in Gauss

Nov 2002 Centrinity

Dec 2001 Accelio Corporation



November 2006, acquired Minnesota-based enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Stellent

PSIGEN Software, Inc;

January 19, 2017 acquired Cabinet Document Management Solutions

Thoma Bravo (a Private Equity Firm):


July 2007 acquired Hyland Software /On-Base

Thomas H. Lee Partners:

February 2018 acquired Alfresco Software

Author: Larry Phelps
Helping organizations like yours become more efficient and effective using Laserfiche enterprise content management system, your paperless solution.