Our ECM Solutions

Application Processing

Application processing automated by Laserfiche

Accounts Payable

accounts payable automation in Laserfiche


analytics using Laserfiche

Automated Filing

auto filing documents in Laserfiche

Case Management

case management automated using Laserfiche

Child Care Safety

childcare safety logs in Laserfiche, Minnesota and Missouri

Contract Management

Contract management automation using Laserfiche


dashboard created in Laserfiche

Energy Assistance

energy assistance applicatons automated by Laserfiche

Expense Reports

travel voucher and expense reports frustration solved by Laserfiche

Insurance Apps

insurance application process automated using Laserfiche

Loan Application

loan application approval process automated with Laserfiche

Mail Room

mail room automation using Laserfihe

Medical / EMT Billing

medical and EMT billing automation using Laserfiche


weatherizaton application processing using Laserfiche