Laserfiche Quick Search Capability

Laserfiche Quick Search lets you perform a basic search without having to open a new dialog box or change your repository view. Quick Search is located at the top of the Folder Browser. From here, you can search text, entry names, fields, annotations, or a combination of these. Click the arrow to the left of the search box to specify which elements to search on. If you select more than one, entries will be returned where the specified search terms match on any–for instance, if you search on both document text and entry names, entries will be returned where the specified search terms match on document text, entry name, or both. You can also choose to restrict the search to the current folder and its subfolders only, or you can search the entire repository.


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Author: Larry Phelps
My passion is helping organizations like yours become more efficient and effective using Laserfiche enterprise content management system, your paperless solution. I have been a Laserfiche consultant for over 30 years. I have worked with Community Action agencies and non-profits for nearly 20 years helping them go paperless and increase staff productivity. I have a strong background in IT, having owned two IT Consulting firms. And also have over 10 years of experience in Cloud Computing and hosting Laserfiche in the cloud.