Did you know that there are almost 300 free Laserfiche training videos?

If you are a Laserfiche user looking to learn more about Laserfiche, there is a library of short videos that are available to you for free.
You will need a login to the Laserfiche support site.  If you do not have one let us know and we can help you.

Go to:

Here is a partial list of short training videos:

  • Overview of Metadata
  • Organizing Documents and Folders in Laserfiche
  • Laserfiche Folder Browser Overview
  • Emailing Documents in Laserfiche
  • Advanced Search Types
  • Overview of Federated Search
  • Getting Started with Laserfiche Connector
  • Maps in the Laserfiche App
  • Overview of Decision Tables
  • How Forms and Processes are Related
  • Reporting in Laserfiche Forms
  • Troubleshooting a Forms Process Instance
  • Using Laserfiche Forms with Laserfiche Workflow
  • Adding a Signature Field to a Form
  • Overview of Forms
  • Conditional Decision and Conditional Parallel Activities in Workflow
  • Quick Search in Laserfiche
  • Creating Fields in Laserfiche
  • Creating Templates in Laserfiche
  • Business Process Library
  • Saving a Document with Laserfiche Snapshot
  • Creating Shortcuts to Documents and Folders in Laserfiche
  • How to Redact Sensitive Information in Laserfiche
  • Configuring Default Email Import Settings
  • Enforcing Deadlines with Workflow

Author: Larry Phelps
My passion is helping organizations like yours become more efficient and effective using Laserfiche enterprise content management system, your paperless solution. I have been a Laserfiche consultant for over 30 years. I have worked with Community Action agencies and non-profits for nearly 20 years helping them go paperless and increase staff productivity. I have a strong background in IT, having owned two IT Consulting firms. And also have over 10 years of experience in Cloud Computing and hosting Laserfiche in the cloud.